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We established this web site in 2011 to provide a virtual focus for the residents of Mongewell.  The initial activity was to encourage residents to participate in the consultations for both the proposed gravel pit in Cholsey (1-0 to the people!) and the development proposals for the Carmel College site.  Since setting it up there have been various suggestions about what might be added and we have tried to incorporate these by providing new pages as "place markers" for new content.  We now need contributions so, please volunteer what you can using the "contact us" feature of the web site.

The main focus of activity in Mongewell (apart from occaisional filming!) has been the ongoing saga of the development application which has been submitted to the South Oxfordshire District Council (SODC) by Comer Homes.  The application for Planning Consent for the Carmel College site was to  be considered by the SODC on Wednesday 23rd July 2014 but consideration of the application was postponed at the eleventh hour (on the afternoon of 22nd) apparently because of concerns regarding the provision of affordable housing and infrastructure funding.  While this is good news in the short-term, this applicaIt continues to be a white hot topic and we will keep you appraised regarding what happens next.  Support to-date is greatly appreciated so, stand at ease for the time being until more news emerges.

As background to new readers, the Mongewell Residents Group is co-ordinating its response to the application and has presented a number of well founded concerns which remain unaddressed by both the SODC and the developers.  The principal concerns relate to:

- Vehicular access to the site via the A4074 which is already difficult,

- Flooding concerns which could render the development unsustainable,

- Design impacts which are not in keeping with an area of outstanding natural beauty, and

- The lack of community facilities being offered as part of the development.

We care about Mongewell and we want any development to be a sensible and sustainable one.  We don't be left with the legacy of a developers "smash and grab".  If you can help, please do.


  • Carmel College Development

    The amended planning application submitted by Comer Homes to develop 166 properties on the Carmel College site and the application was to be considered by the SODC Planning Commitee on Wednesday 23rd July 2014 at the Council Chamber in Cromarsh Gifford but this has been postponed.

    The plans can be viewed at www.southoxon.gov.uk – planning application number P11/W2357.  Check it out!.

    If you think you can help in any way, please contact: mongewellresidents@gmail.co.uk

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